Organic chemistry

Hydrocarbon mathane

Aliphatic hydrocarbons

1. Alkanes (Saturated Hydrocarbons)

  •      Structural Isomerism
  •      IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) nomenclature of alkanes
  •      Properties of Alkanes
  •      Reactions of Alkanes
Alcohol general structure

1. Alcohols
      Naming and Drawing Alcohols
      Properties of Alcohols
      Reactions Involving Alcohols
2. Ethers
      Naming Ethers


The Carbonyl Group

Aldehydes and ketones both contain the carbonyl group.

Carboxylic acid general structure

Carboxylic Acids

A carboxylic acid is an organic compound that contains a carboxyl group, –COOH.

Carboxyl group - a carbon atom that is double-bonded to 1 oxygen atom and single-bonded to a hydroxyl group.

Amine 2D general structure


An amine is a derivative of ammonia (NH3) in which one or more of the hydrogen atoms are replaced with alkyl groups.