Basic concepts of thermochemistry

Thermochemistry - the study of the energy changes that accompany physical or chemical changes in matter.

Work - the amount of energy transferred by a force over a distance; SI units - joules (J).

Energy - the ability to do work; SI units - joules (J).

Potential energy
the energy of a body or system due to its position or composition
Kinetic energy
the energy of an object due to its motion


Thermal energy - the total quantity of kinetic and potential energy in a substance.

Heat - the transfer of thermal energy from a warm object to a cooler object.

Temperature - a measure of the average kinetic energy of entities in a substance.

Chemical kinetics - the area of chemistry that deals with rates of reactions.

Reaction rate - the change in concentration  of a reactant or a product of a chemical  reaction per unit time.

Commonly used methods include tracking changes  in gas volume, colour, mass, pH, and electrical conductivity.

Reaction rate